Our company at a glance

Volvo Cars started producing automobiles in Sweden in 1927. Today, we’re global, with sales in about 100 countries.

We focus always on innovation and world-leading safety technology. Our history of game-changing achievements positions Volvo Cars as one of the most respected and recognisable car brands in the world.

Our award-winning Volvo cars continue to set new benchmarks in automotive safety and connectivity, and we are committed to our industry-leading vision for an all-electric future.

Our business ambitions

We’re ambitious. We aim to continue leading the global automotive industry in safety technology, electrification and autonomous drive and we continually challenge ourselves.

By the middle of the next decade, we expect to generate half of all sales annually from fully electric cars, one third of all cars sold to be autonomous driving cars, and half of all car sales to come through our subscription service.

We want to talk more with our customers, so we’re aiming for more than five million direct consumer relationships by the middle of the next decade, creating new sources of recurring revenue.

And we’re aiming to do all this while generating premium-level profitability, driven by increased revenue across all three global sales regions and a broader range of cars, services and customers.

Truly Global, Proudly Scandinavian

The company headquarters remain in Volvo Cars’ hometown Gothenburg, plus we have our own manufacturing plants in Sweden, Belgium, USA and China. We have assembly plants in Malaysia and India, research and development centres in Sweden, Denmark and USA, and design centres in Sweden, USA and China.

Volvo Car Group (Volvo Cars) is owned by Zhejiang Geely Holding (Geely Holding) of China.

Volvo Cars – breaking records with strong growth

Record sales

2017 marked our fourth consecutive year of record global car sales

Record profits

2017 was our fourth consecutive year of record profits

Award winning

Our current cars are winning more automotive awards than ever before in Volvo Cars’ history

Staff doubled

Our staff has doubled since Zhejiang Geely Holding bought Volvo Cars in 2010

Success hand-in-hand with sustainability

We’re a global company – every decision we make can affect the world and the lives of people – so we put people at the core of everything we do. Our approach to sustainability goes beyond our operations and our cars, and into society. It makes us think and re-think every time we act.

We aim to have electric cars making up 50 per cent of our sales by 2025. This ambition builds on our 2017 industry-first announcement that all new models released from 2019 will be available as either a mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid or battery electric vehicle.

The world’s electric vehicle future is Volvo Cars’ future.


We design cars that put people first – and that’s what makes a Volvo car different. We push technological boundaries to find new ways of advancing safety, adding more enjoyment to the car experience and making daily life easier.

We draw inspiration from Scandinavia – combining simplicity, beauty and functionality – and from our company’s storied history in world-changing innovations, such as the invention of the three-point safety belt.


Everything we do starts with people. So our mission to make people’s lives easier, safer and better is something that comes naturally to us. It’s the Volvo Cars way.

Today, we’re still as focused as ever on our three core values: safety, quality and care for the environment.


From 1927 until today, our pioneering spirit and ground-breaking innovations have saved millions of lives and shaped technology found in every car of every car brand sold around the world.


Lifestyle and technology are shaped by curious people who dare to try new things. Volvo Cars kind of people. The kind of people who have the car industry buzzing with change, as electrification, autonomous driving, connected services and digital commerce are redefining transportation.

We’re at the forefront of the mobility revolution, growing fast and bringing together forward-thinking minds from all over the world ¬– and we’re searching for talent now. Can you make an impact at Volvo Cars?